Christian Fellowship Center
Membership has its privileges, and we are excited that you've considered
Christian Fellowship Center as the place you want to belong.


The CFC Membership Class provides an opportunity to learn more about our church and what it means to make a commitment to membership. Additionally, the Membership Class is the perfect forum to ask questions and form the foundation for growing connections with each other.
The course objectives are...
To help each member understand and reaffirm his/her conversion experience and their commitment to Christ and the Church.
To help each member understand and accept the privileges and responsibilities of church membership.
To help each new member become a growing participant in the life and ministry of Christian Fellowship Center.
Available in person and via Zoom.
Dates will be shared once your form is submitted.
Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.
Once completing the Membership Class, you will have access to various
fellowship groups & support services.
Learn more below.